A little-noticed US shipping tracking error is causing some to think the world’s top carrier has been sending packages to China

A little less than a week ago, the US Postal Service confirmed to CNBC that it has been receiving packages from China for over a month.

A postmark for the address of the package was sent from China to an address in California, with the recipient saying it was delivered on Tuesday.

However, on Thursday, a FedEx shipping tracking postmark was sent to a different address in Arizona, with a message saying it had been delivered on Thursday.

FedEx said the tracking postmarks are being examined to determine whether they are being used to send packages to the correct address.

The USPS did not confirm whether it has sent the packages to other locations in the US, or if any packages have been delivered to China.

The USPS has been trying to get to the bottom of the problem, and has set up a new tracking page for the delivery of packages.

If you have any questions about the USPS tracking postings, you can contact the USPS in a tweet using the hashtag #USPStrackingpost. (via CNBC)

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