Amazon, Amazon Prime, eBay shipping delays in US, Canada

Amazon, Prime, and eBay are all experiencing delays in shipments of some of their major products, with Amazon Prime facing the most delays, according to data provided by data firm Geekbench.

Amazon Prime’s shipments are estimated to be at least 2.2 million fewer than it’s estimated to ship in the last three months of the year, with eBay shipping at least 300,000 fewer than that in the same time frame. 

While the numbers might sound alarming, the problems are actually pretty common and Amazon and eBay have been working to address them. 

According to the company, Prime’s average orders have decreased by about 3 percent per month, while the average number of shipping delays has dropped by about 50 percent.

The company is also rolling out the update of Prime membership, which is a one-time payment for Prime members that includes perks like discounts on select items.

Prime’s orders have increased by 1.4 million per month during the same period, but the average orders for those same items are estimated at only about 300,400 fewer per month.

Amazon’s Prime memberships are one of the biggest revenue generators for the company and are currently valued at $13.7 billion.

They can buy up to $15 worth of items with the purchase of Prime members’ Amazon Prime membership. 

But as of today, the company has a new Prime service called Amazon Prime Day, which will see Prime members get a $1 off discount on select Prime items. 

Additionally, the service will also be available to Prime members who sign up for a $50 Amazon gift card through Amazon’s website. 

Amazon has been testing this Prime service in several cities around the world and is planning to roll out the new service nationwide in the coming weeks.

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