Carnival ship that’s been floating for three years floats on water for first time

Carnival ships have been floating on the surface of the ocean for almost three years, thanks to a combination of technology, public sentiment and the power of social media.

The ships, which were once built to travel the Caribbean, have a floating base, which means they can be towed to shore.

They can be launched into the air to make their way to the beach, but they can also be floated ashore for recreational purposes or for educational purposes.

The floats were originally launched in 2015 by a group called the Maritime Adventure Company, which uses technology to control their movement.

Now, the company has launched a crowdfunding campaign to build a second floating base.

The campaign is calling for donations of $100,000.

The goal is $150,000, which is more than the previous fundraising goal.

The campaign ends Sept. 30.

The $150 million goal is part of a larger initiative called The Seas, which aims to build “the most dynamic ecosystem on the planet,” according to the group’s website.

The aim is to bring the boats to the Caribbean by 2020, as well as build a marine park.

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