Cosco’s new shipping containers will ship to customers in Australia

A new shipping container design is being developed by Cosco that will ship the bulk of its products to customers overseas.

The container, which is being designed by the Australian-based company’s parent company, is being built at a cost of $4.5 million, according to a statement from Cosco.

It will eventually be used for packaging and logistics, and will have a capacity of 600,000 kg, it said.

“Cosco has invested significant resources into this new container technology, which will provide a world-class service to its customers,” said a statement released by the company.

The new container will have two floors and a capacity to hold up to 5 million kg.

It is expected to be ready for shipping in 2019.

The company also said it will continue to grow its manufacturing capacity.

“The new Container System will allow us to continue to scale up our production capacity and deliver more products in greater volume and with higher quality,” said the statement.

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