FedEx shipping prices are starting to go up

In the weeks following Thanksgiving, we’ve reported on how prices for shipping items from various sources have started to rise.

The same trend has been seen with some items that typically ship in the mail.

Now, FedEx is adding another factor to the mix as shipping prices have gone up again for some items, such as furniture.

For example, we’re reporting on a new shipping price that the company is adding to some items.

The new price is for a “2” or 3 piece of furniture.

It’s the same one we saw in the first week of October, but now it’s up to $6.25 for a two piece of two-piece furniture.

This price will apply to items purchased at a minimum of $250 in a 12 month period, and will only apply to the shipping address listed on the package.

So, if you have a 2 piece of sofa, it will cost you $6 for shipping.

It will not apply to an order that includes the two-pieces of furniture you ordered, or items purchased on the same day.

We’ve written before about how the shipping price hike can be frustrating for some customers.

We even had a reader complain that she’d been trying to ship furniture from a warehouse for months and was still waiting for a delivery.

We’ve also written about how some items might not qualify for the shipping prices increase, which might explain why some of us have noticed a surge in the number of shipping prices on items we normally order.

If you have more questions about shipping prices in the last week, or are wondering about a specific item, check out our recent report about FedEx’s shipping prices.

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