Free shipping on all Amazon products on Monday, as Amazon makes big moves on the home delivery front

Amazon (AMZN) is expanding its free shipping offer to all its products.

The move comes as Amazon is looking to expand its home delivery program to include more items in its online marketplace, as well as other categories like furniture, furniture accessories, toys, electronics and household appliances.

The company said the move will apply to all (AMT) branded products and will take effect tomorrow, May 2.

The free shipping option will be available on, and, but will be limited to items purchased from Amazon’s e-commerce site.

The company didn’t provide a timeframe for when the free shipping will begin to be offered.

Amazon’s home delivery has grown to include items like furniture and household goods, but has also added other categories.

Amazon is expected to announce a big expansion of its online sales on Tuesday, when it plans to debut the latest version of its Echo Dot smart speaker, the Echo Show, and its Prime Now television service.

Amazon also said on Monday that it will open a new online store in Toronto, offering the Echo and Echo Dot to Canadians and other U.S. shoppers.

The company said it expects to begin selling the products on Tuesday.

The Echo and the Echo Dot will be free on Amazon, and there will be no price differences between the two products.

Amazon announced on Monday the Echo will be the first of several products to be available in Canada, a move that will expand the company’s international presence.

Amazon will open stores in six cities in Canada starting with Edmonton, Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal on May 12.

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