Haikyuu Ships the ‘Frozen’ Anime Collection, Including Frozen 2, on Air and Digital, for Free

Haikyū’s latest Anime Collection: Frozen 2 will be released digitally and on Air on March 29, the company announced on Friday.

The collection will be available for free download via the HaikyU website and through streaming platforms.

The company will offer up to six free downloads for every 100 units purchased.

The first six episodes of Frozen 2 are available on Air, with the second and third episodes available in both the US and Canada.

The other three episodes are available for download via Apple and Amazon Prime Instant Video.

The full set of episodes will also be available in the Haiku Music Store on March 25, and Haiku’s Anime Club, which offers anime content for free, will launch on March 30.

The series is directed by Yoichi Kawaguchi, who previously helmed the anime series Love Live!

School Idol Project, and features voices from Shiori Takano, Minako Ohtsuki, Megumi Nakajima, and Aya Suzuka. The haikyū series is also based on the popular Japanese manga franchise Yume Nikki.

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