How a ship’s cargo can be tracked with just a cellphone

article A ship’s containers can be traced back to its owners by tapping its phone.

The process can be a lot cheaper than trying to track the ship on a radar, but it has some limitations, like the phone’s location being tracked only for the time the phone was within range.

But the phone can be used to track a ship at all times and the app can also take advantage of its proximity sensors, making it possible to keep tabs on any changes to the ship, or even to check for any changes in its location.

The app can use location data to identify ships and ship owners, as well as track them using GPS and other sensors.

The smartphone app, called Citizen Ship, can track a container and track its owners in real time.

The company says the technology is “innovative” and “revolutionary” because it allows a ship to track its container owners.

Citizen Ship uses a combination of sensors, including proximity sensors and accelerometers, to track and locate containers.

This image shows a ship using a phone-based tracking app.

In this image, a ship is tracked with a smartphone app and then the ship owner’s location is detected.

The ships owner can tap on the ship’s name to see its location and its location is updated when a ship owner taps on the owner’s phone.

Citizen Ships technology has been tested and approved by the Coast Guard and U.S. Navy.

The device is being developed by The Shipmaker, which was founded by an inventor in Australia who also created a smartphone tracking app called the P2P Ship Tracker, according to a website.

Citizen ships use “smartphones” and a combination GPS and accelerometer to track ships.

The software, which has been approved by regulators, can be installed on the phone of any container that has a phone on it, or on a ship that has the ship owners’ phone on board.

This is a screenshot of Citizen Ships mobile app showing an image of a container.

The Shipbuilder’s founder says the device “can be used by any ship owner to track, or track their own containers as well.”

The ship owner can also tap on their phone to see the location of the container, and the ship can also check the container’s status, such as the status of its cargo.

The ship can even take screenshots of the containers status and share it on social media.

The technology can also be used for tracking a ship without a phone, Citizen Ships founder Peter Scharf said.

The shipping container tracking app can track the containers and ship owner.

(Courtesy of Citizen Ship)

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