How fast can I ship?

Fast shipping is a big advantage when it comes to international shipping.

If you need faster delivery than normal, you can choose the fastest shipping option for your needs.

Here’s how to find the fastest delivery option for you.


Choose the shipping carrierYou can use either the Express or Standard shipping methods.

Express shipping is the fastest way to get your items to you faster, while Standard shipping can take up to 14 business days to arrive.


Select the size of the packageYou can choose between a standard, medium or large size.

The smaller the package, the faster it will arrive.


Select your countryWhen choosing the shipping method, you should be aware of the shipping country.

Countries with fast shipping policies are India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and Singapore.

The fastest way is to use Standard shipping.


Choose delivery methodWhen it comes time to pay for the shipping, you have two options: Pay with Paypal or Pay via Paytm.

The latter is more reliable and less expensive.

Here’s how the two options work.


Select payment methodAfter choosing the payment method, your package will arrive in one of the following ways: via mail or via Paypal.

If your order has an add-on, like an extra box, you may need to select the add-ons option.

If it has a parcel tracking number, you’ll need to specify this in your order.

If shipping has already started, you will be asked to select which shipping method you prefer.


Pay when you receive your orderIn case you have to pay before your item ships, you need to pay the shipping charges at checkout.

Here are the costs for the delivery: shipping fee for delivery cost for shipping fee when you pay the delivery cost at checkout

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