How to build a ship from scratch

The story of how a Navy destroyer built out of parts salvaged from a derelict World War II battleship was sent into the ocean after years of work.

The story was published last year by the Naval History and Heritage Command.

The destroyer was the USS Missouri, the third ship in the Missouri class of destroyers.

The Missouri was commissioned in January 1941.

It was the first ship of its class to enter service in the Pacific.

When she arrived in Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, it was the second ship to dock there.

The crew and crew of the Missouri was transferred to a ship in Honolulu, Hawaii, after being rescued from the USS Arizona.

The ship was loaded onto a transport plane for transportation to Japan, where it was repaired and shipped back to Pearl Harbor.

After the crew was moved, they moved to a second ship in Yokosuka, Japan, to be used for training.

They then were assigned to a carrier in the Marianas.

It would be more than a month before the crew would return to Pearl Harbour, but it was a successful start.

In January 1942, a Japanese submarine launched a nuclear attack on the Missouri, killing most of the crew and nearly all the passengers.

The U.S. Navy was sent to help the crew recover.

After three weeks of intense training, the crew landed at Pearl Harbor and began their new life as a submarine.

The Navy ordered more of the damaged Missouris to be repaired.

The first of these ships was the battleship USS Missouri.

It took about a year for the Missouri to be towed to Yokosaka, where she was repaired.

Then the Navy sent two more ships for repairs.

These were the battleships USS Mississippi and USS Missouri and also the destroyers USS Missouri (CVN-88) and USS Oklahoma (CVL-66).

In all, the Missouri suffered over 100,000 tons of damage.

The two destroyers spent most of 1942 at Pearl Harbour in a maintenance and overhaul program.

After repairs, the two battleships returned to Pearl for a new assignment.

During the war, the battles of Iwo Jima and Pearl Harbor were the focus of U. S. Navy efforts to rebuild the ship.

The USS Missouri was renamed after President Theodore Roosevelt and was commissioned on July 5, 1946, the day after the war was over.

After being commissioned in December 1946, she was named after President Harry Truman, the commander-in-chief of the U. s. armed forces, on July 4, 1947.

She was named the USS Texas, after President John F. Kennedy.

In 1952, the Texas was renamed the USS Illinois.

It served until her decommissioning in 1971.

She became the last battleship of the Ohio Class.

She is currently the flagship of the USS Oklahoma.

The battleship Missouri was also the first U.s. battleship to be commissioned as a warship.

The warship was commissioned by Vice President Harry S. Truman in June 1946.

She served until the early 1950s.

She retired in 1979.

The second battleship commissioned in the class was the destroyer USS Missouri II.

She went into commission in October 1946 and remained in service until its decommissionment in 1973.

She then served as a museum ship.

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