How to find Amazon shipping quotes

The United States Postal Service is trying to make the process of finding and choosing the best Amazon shipping option a little easier.

The agency is launching a new website on Tuesday, which offers shoppers the option to search by address or zip code, and provide a shipping address and phone number if they’re not comfortable with the information they receive.

If a consumer opts to search through the USPS website, the agency will post an online listing of eligible items, and if they don’t have a shipping addresses or phone numbers, the USPS will call the consumer and arrange a return shipping option.

The USPS is working to make that process easier for consumers who are struggling with the process, spokeswoman Lisa DeBruyn said.

The website will allow consumers to search the USPS for their own shipping address, the ZIP code of their zip code and the delivery date for their package.

Consumers can also provide a phone number and email address if they want to be contacted directly about their shipping situation.

The USPS has also been working to create a service that helps consumers find shipping information and other relevant information when they’re making their own purchase.

Consumers who want to order a car for themselves can use the car listing on the website, or they can order online from a vehicle rental company or dealership, or get their vehicle delivered to the address they choose, the company said.

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