How to fix an evergreen sail

The evergreen hull of the Kerala-built Kerala-designed Hindustan ship has been stuck in a river in Kerala for months, leaving the crew stranded in the remote and remote-looking island nation.

The ship’s owner said it was stuck in the Kavirahat river near Pune on December 12.

The Hindustans owners are the Bharat Steel Ltd, an arm of Tata Steel India Ltd, the parent company of the Hindusthan shipyard.

The Hindustam shipyard has been making steel for more than a decade.

The owners of the ship have said that the Hindusteris hull has not been repaired or overhauled since 2013.

“This is the longest ever stay of any Indian ship in the sea and we have tried to resolve the problem but we have not been able to,” a shipyard spokesperson told the Hindus Times newspaper on Monday.

The company said the Hindusters hull had been repaired and the ship had undergone three separate inspections.

The company said it will take “a long time” to fix the problem.

The spokesman said the shipyard is now in talks with the owner to get the ship out of the river.

The ship was launched in 2009, and is a new-generation class of ship.

The hull, which is more than 30 metres long and 20 metres wide, has a deck that extends 20 metres from the waterline, and two deck sections.

The hull has a height of 4.5 metres and is 6 metres wide.

It has a maximum draft of 6.7 metres.

The vessel is designed for use in the global shipping industry and the company said its capacity of 5,000 tonnes of cargo and cargo handling cargo was about 500,000 tons annually.

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