How to get a $2.9 billion deal for the FedEx Store in New York

A big new deal has been announced for the new FedEx Store on Broadway, the home of the US Postal Service.

The New York Post reports the deal will include an expansion of the FedEx store in Brooklyn, as well as the addition of the new retail space on Broadway between 7th Avenue and 6th Street.

The deal is expected to be announced in the next few weeks.

The new store will open in 2018 and be the first FedEx Store to open in New Jersey, which will serve as the hub for all deliveries to the New York City area.

The original store was located in Newark, New Jersey. 

According to the Post, the new location will offer more options for customers to shop for groceries and other items as well.

This includes the ability to use the new platform to order online, or pick up items from the store in person. 

The news comes just two days after news broke that the New Jersey State Assembly is working on legislation to expand the FedEx facility, which is located just north of the state capitol.

The bill would create a $300 million state fund for new construction, upgrades and other business improvements. 

There are still a lot of details to be worked out, including how much of the expansion will occur, and what kind of retail space will be added to the Broadway location.

The Post also notes that the state’s Department of Commerce will be involved in all of this. 

For now, it looks like the new space will include a large food court, as opposed to a traditional food court. 

With so many new developments being announced in New Orleans and New York, it is hard to say how big of a deal this is going to be.

The news comes one day after a $3.6 billion deal was announced to expand FedEx’s Manhattan hub in Queens. 

That deal included a new store on the Lower East Side. 

As for the larger expansion of FedEx’s New York hub, the deal is said to include the creation of three new stores in Brooklyn and Manhattan. 

It is unclear how much the new store is expected the size of the original one, but it will likely be comparable to the current space on 7th Ave and 6tenth St. Here is the full article.

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