How to save $60 on your order by using a flat rate UPS shipping option

Shipping costs can vary wildly depending on what country you live in and how long your order is, but when you’re in a pinch, flat rate delivery is a viable option for your packages.

And it’s pretty cheap.

Here’s what you need to know about shipping on Amazon. 


Flat Rate UPS Shipping: This shipping option is offered on Amazon’s website.

It’s not cheap, but it’s one of the most economical options for your shipping needs.

This shipping method is only available for orders that include the item(s) you’re ordering, so it only works with orders totaling $50 or less.

It comes with a flat $1 shipping fee for the first item, and then an additional $1.50 per additional item. 


Free Shipping on Orders: Free shipping is offered when you purchase items through Amazon Prime.

You can get this shipping option on most orders of $50 and over. 


Free shipping for orders $150 and above: This free shipping option lets you pay $5 for a full-size item, $10 for a small item, or $15 for an extra small item.

The shipping price is determined by how much your order contains, so the lower the amount, the cheaper the shipping. 


Flat rate shipping for non-Prime orders: This option allows you to pay $0.99 for the full-sized item, but only if you purchase at least one other item for the same price.

For example, if you’re a Prime member, you can order two items for $0 .99 each, and if you also have two items of $10 each, you’re able to get the $0 $0 shipping option. 


Free International shipping: This flat rate option lets customers pay $10 shipping for an item shipped to an international location.

It also lets you skip paying $0 on your first order if you already have the item in your cart.

This shipping option comes with an additional shipping fee of $0 for international orders.


Free USPS Priority mail shipping: You can pick up an item on a priority mail delivery at a discount if you make an international order.

This service is only offered for orders totaling more than $50. 


Free Priority mail for international shipments: If you’re interested in a Priority Mail shipping option, this is it.

You’ll pay $2.99 per item to get your item.

Shipping is calculated based on how many items you purchase, so you’ll only be able to receive one Priority Mail shipment per order. 


Free U.S. shipping: If your order includes a product that’s not available through Amazon’s Prime service, you’ll be able pay $7.50 for a package of your choosing.

This is a discount that’s good for an entire order, but doesn’t include shipping costs for the rest of your order.


Free UPS Ground shipping: Free ground shipping is available to people who live in the U.K. and Europe.

You have to pay an additional fee to get this service, but if you live outside the U, you don’t need to worry about this service.


Free standard UPS shipping: For the most part, standard UPS delivery will cost you $1 for the entire order.

If you have a package with a higher value, this can be worth it. 11.

Free international Priority Mail: This is another way to get free shipping on an international purchase.

You’re able.

Just make sure to purchase the full item before placing your order to get a discount. 


Free expedited UPS shipping (add $3.99 shipping): This is also a way to save money on UPS shipping.

This option lets people pay an extra $3 per order if they’re ordering a bigger item.


Free overnight shipping: International overnight shipping is only a $7 option.

You don’t have to buy the item before you get it shipped.

You simply pick it up at the airport and pay the additional fee for shipping.


Free Express shipping (free with qualifying purchase): You can buy Express shipping on most items you order, which can save you $2 per order for the whole package.

This does require you to make an order for it, and it’s limited to a maximum of one package. 


Free delivery confirmation: The company also has a $5.99 service called FedEx Express which lets customers know when their items are in stock.

You pay $15 and it will ship the same day. 


Free return shipping: There are two ways to get full shipping on your order: First, if your order has already been shipped to you and is in the process of being shipped out, you pay the full $1 fee to return it to Amazon.

Then, if there’s an issue with the item, you have the option to get

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