How to ship your goods faster online, cheaper at home

Shipping online can be tricky, especially if you’re dealing with shipping companies that charge a lot more than you.

That’s why it’s so important to plan ahead and take the time to get everything set up.

Here’s how to ship online safely.


Check the address on the package.

It might be difficult to determine the actual address of the package, but it’s usually the one that’s printed on the outside of the box.


Look inside the package to make sure you don’t get anything in the mail.

Sometimes packages will be sealed and packed in a cardboard box, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to be tampered with or damaged.

Sometimes they’ll be packed in an envelope.


Be sure to open the package and open the contents.

If there’s nothing in the package you can inspect the contents with a magnifying glass or even your bare hands.


Use a tracking number.

If you don, you might have to send a letter requesting a tracking # to get the package off the ship.


Don’t forget your credit card information.

It’s easy to forget your card information online, but keep your account and card information up to date so that you don.


Use the shipping company’s tracking number for shipping.

It should be the same number as your credit or debit card number.


Be careful if the shipping address doesn’t match the address you gave.

If your address is wrong, or you’ve forgotten your billing address, you may have to pay a fee.


Get your shipping address.

Make sure you give it to your shipping company immediately, and let them know your shipping status.


Have your insurance.

It can be expensive to ship insurance, but you can find out how much it will cost by checking out your insurance quotes online.


Check your package for damage.

If something has happened to the package that might need to be replaced, contact the shipping service and get your shipping quote.


Check if your shipping carrier has a tracking system.

If not, you can use the tracking number to get an idea of the status of the shipment.


Check with your shipping service if you need more help.

It may be easier to contact your shipping agent or shipping company directly to find out if the package needs any help.


Make a list of all the items you need to ship.

Make it a list that you can easily access, and that you know where you can keep the items in case anything happens.


Make your own shipping list.

If it’s easy enough, you could even make your own mailing list by taking a picture of your list and uploading it to a website like Dropbox.


Set up a tracking information account.

Once you’ve set up a shipping information account, you’ll be able to track the shipment of your items, so you won’t have to worry about having to send letters or other documents to your insurance company.


Add a tracking card.

It will show you when the shipment is scheduled to be delivered and when it will arrive at your doorstep.


Add an address on your shipping label.

Your label should have an address and phone number, so if something happens to your package, you should be able for the company to send you an email and provide you with an address to track it. 18.

Have a shipping insurance company to cover any damage.

You can choose to have a shipping company provide a tracking# and provide insurance, or have it cover your shipping and damage.

It depends on the company, but the insurance company should also provide you an address so you can track it yourself.


Ask your insurance carrier for a shipping address and the company will send you a tracking confirmation.


Add tracking to your email.

When you receive your tracking confirmation from your insurance provider, you will have an email that shows you when your package will be on its way.

You will also have the option to have your email forwarded to the company’s shipping address, which will show the exact address where your package is going.


Use tracking numbers to track your shipment.

You should also check to make certain that your shipping tracking number is accurate.

Make an appointment with your insurance agent if your tracking information isn’t accurate.

If the tracking is inaccurate, you need someone to track everything for you.


Don to any extra charges for tracking and shipping.

If a shipping agent is charged extra for tracking, you don: • If the agent is paid more than your shipping charge for tracking your package and you don´t pay them.

• If you choose not to use tracking at all and just ship your package.

•If the shipping agent charges extra to ship packages that aren’t eligible for tracking.


If shipping is delayed or cancelled due to the shipping companies’ actions.

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