‘The Black Box’ review: What makes this Amazon gift card truly unique

Amazon is set to launch a new digital gift card service in the U.S. on Tuesday, offering a new way to save on shipping.

The new service, called The Black Box, will offer a limited number of discounted shipping options for Amazon gift cards.

You’ll be able to get a 50 percent off discount when you use Amazon Gift Cards on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, and Amazon.co.uk.

Amazon has launched a new card service, The Black Card, which will be available for purchase from Amazon.

You can use Amazon’s The Blackcard for 50 percent to $100 off the price of a full-priced item on Amazon Prime, the service says.

Amazon is also introducing a new Amazon Gift Card that will offer $10 off the purchase price of an eligible item, according to the company.

The Black card will be the first to offer this discount.

The Black Card will be valid for the duration of the Amazon Prime membership program, but you can use the card to pay for purchases that you’ve already made.

The cards will be sold through Amazon’s Amazon Store and will be shipped from the U, S and Canada.

The card will not be able be used in the United States, but Amazon has confirmed that it will allow U.K. and Canada customers to use the cards.

The service will also allow users to redeem Amazon giftcards at other retailers, such as Best Buy, Target and Toys R Us.

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