The Latest on the discovery of the wreck of the World War II Japanese ship, the USS Nisshin Maru

The Japanese destroyer the USS Nagato is a relic of World War 2.

She was part of the Imperial Japanese Navy’s flagship, the Shinkansen, which sank off the coast of China in 1937.

A year later, a British warship also came across the wreck.

The wreck of her sister ship, which went down in World War 1, was the subject of an expedition by a British Royal Navy shipyard.

The two ships had been salvaged and shipped off to Japan, where they eventually were sold to the United States for scrap.

But now, in a museum in the United Kingdom, the ship is on display for the first time since the Japanese fleet sank.

It is the first Japanese-built container ship to be on display in the U.S. The Nisshan Maru is a shipping container with a Japanese flag on its bow.

She is located in the town of Nagato in northern Japan.

She carries 3,300 tons of cargo.

It was built in 1943 and sank in 1945, about 90 miles north of Shanghai.

The Japanese fleet sunk the ship to stop the Soviet Union from using it as a target for its attack on the Japanese mainland.

The U.K. Maritime Museum says it has the largest collection of container ships in the world.

It has two other ships in its collection: one from China and one from Germany.

The ship was built to be used as a staging area for the U-boat U-23 that sank the USS Abraham Lincoln in 1917.

The crew of the Abraham Lincoln is said to have been captured and sold to Germany in 1919.

It sank in a collision with the German U-22, which later sunk the Uboat USS Orinoco.

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