The perfect deal on your next holiday cruise ship

A free holiday cruise is a great way to take in the sights and sounds of the Pacific Northwest, but a new ship has made your holiday cruise a little bit more affordable.

The new ship, the NX-1, is coming to Seattle and Portland, Oregon, and is priced at $1,000 per person for the four-day trip.

That’s about 50 per cent less than the current NX-class cruise ship.

The NX-series is a line of luxury cruise ships designed to go beyond the comfort of a cruise ship and offer a more luxurious experience, said Jason Henningsen, founder and CEO of Henners Group.

The ships were designed with the expectation that people would spend a lot more time on the water than the average cruise.

It is more like a weekend getaway, Henniesen said.

The NX-3 is a luxury cruise, with a price tag of $2,300 per person.

The ship will be a new type of ship, Hensons said, because there are many changes going on in the cruise industry.

That will change the way that people get around, and they need a different cruise ship for that.

Henningsens said the ship will offer about a 50 per-cent savings on a cruise to Seattle.

It’s a great time to spend on a vacation, he said.

But if you’re looking to enjoy the sights of the coast and get away for a bit, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

The first NX-100 was launched in October, and the new ship will start sailing from Seattle this summer.

The ship will feature a new design that is going to be a lot cleaner and more modern, said Scott Stearns, CEO of the Newport News Shipbuilding Company in Newport News, Virginia.

Stearns said the ships will be designed to offer more of a luxury experience than the NX.

A few years ago, the company was trying to design ships that would look like a yacht, but that didn’t work out, Stears said.

He said the new design will give people a better view of the Puget Sound and will offer them a different kind of experience, including amenities like free Wi-Fi and an outdoor deck.

The ships will offer two types of entertainment, Stenens said, including a live music venue.

The main entertainment will be for people over 65, while an additional level of entertainment will allow adults 65 and older to enjoy more.

Stenens expects that the NX will be able to compete with the $1.2 billion-plus cruise line, the Princess Cruises.

The Princess Cruisers have a full line of ships that are about 60 per cent more expensive, and there is a lot of competition for the most expensive cruise ships around.

The Princess Cruising Line operates about 400 ships around the world, and it is the second-largest cruise line in the world.

The current NX class ships can be booked online, but they are more expensive than the ship in Seattle.

The new ship is expected to be cheaper, but it is still a long way from going to sea.

There are still a lot to learn about the NX, but the company is planning to put it through a more rigorous review and be able go to sea in 2017, Hennesens said.

The company has a number of partners, including Cruise Lines International and the Cruise Lines Association of the Americas.

The Seattle company will be working with cruise line owners and other partners to improve the ship and make it more affordable, he added.

Hennesens is hopeful that with this effort, more people will be interested in a cruise vacation, and that the ships may be able turn a profit in the future.

He hopes the NX ships will help to improve a vacation that may be a little more stressful at times, but is also relaxing and relaxing.

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