‘Top 10’ list of warships to be built to fight off global warming

The U.S. Navy is aiming to build a fleet of frigates to protect America’s coasts from rising seas and rising sea levels.

The ships, which the Navy says could be operational by 2035, will be a key part of a fleet that includes an amphibious assault ship, two destroyers and an aircraft carrier.

The first two are scheduled to arrive in the coming months.

“It’s a massive and very exciting project, not just for the U.C.S., but for the entire world,” said Capt. Gary Riggs, a spokesman for the Navy’s Coast Guard.

“It’s not a one-off, but it’s an opportunity for us to make sure we’re prepared.”

The new vessels will join the USS Theodore Roosevelt, the USS George Washington and the USS San Diego, which are currently underway at Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock, Virginia.

The ships will be built in Newport News, a small town on Virginia’s eastern seaboard that is home to some of the nation’s biggest shipyards.

Newport News is the site of a Navy base and has been a center of naval research for decades.

It is also home to the Navy destroyer USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, which has a museum and museum of naval history.

In a statement, Newport News Mayor John Thomas said he was “excited” to welcome the Navy.

After months of delays, the shipyards and the Navy have finally signed a contract to begin building the ships.

Construction began on the new ships in late August, and they will be ready to go into service by 2026.

On Sunday, a group of about 100 people gathered at Newport’s main plaza to mark the occasion.

At the parade, they sang “America the Beautiful” and held a giant American flag, which was lowered to the water by the shipyard’s new shipbuilders, the Newport News-based Newport Engineering and Manufacturing Corp. Newport Engineering was founded in 1979 by Robert Newport, who died in 2011.

The Newport Engineering ships have been part of the Navy for more than 20 years, and Newport Engineering is known as one of the leading shipyards in the world.

For the first time, Newport Engineering said that its shipyards had successfully completed the construction of a new Navy destroyer, a new amphibious warship and a new aircraft carrier, the Ronald Reagan, which will be launched in 2021.

One of the new Navy ships, the Nimitz-class USS Gerald R. Ford, will replace the USS Nimitz.

The Gerald R., named after a World War II destroyer, will join four other ships in the fleet, and it is scheduled to be commissioned later this year.

Riggs said Newport Engineering will build the Gerald R because the company is an innovator.

It’s the first of four ships Newport Engineering has built for the new fleet, Riggs said.

More than 1,300 people attended the parade Sunday.

According to the Newport news website, the parade was sponsored by Newport Engineering, a Newport, Virginia-based engineering company that makes boats and equipment for the construction industry.

The Navy is looking to hire more people for engineering jobs, Rigg said.

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