Uber CEO’s ‘huge mistake’ on UberX order

In response to a story from Business Insider that said Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick “created a massive PR disaster” for the ride-hailing company by failing to fulfill a $5 billion order for the delivery service, Uber has released a statement in which it says the Uber CEO “has been fully transparent with us about this order.”

In the statement, Uber said that while Kalanik has always supported our customers and our company, he has made a huge mistake when he made this order.

It was not our intent to overcharge our customers, nor was it our intention to overprice the supply chain.

This was not a business decision.

Uber will continue to work with the Federal Trade Commission and other government regulators to address these issues.

We appreciate Kalanicks willingness to cooperate with us to address this issue, and we look forward to continuing to work together to make Uber a better company, one that is better for its riders and our drivers.

“Uber did not comment on the Business Insider report that it was a “huge mistake.

“The company did, however, say that it is working with federal regulators on a response to the report.

Earlier this month, Kalanies statement came as Uber was also rocked by an audit that found the company had not paid back all the money it owed drivers, employees, and contractors, including drivers and contractors.

Uber had not yet made an official response to those audit findings when Business Insider first broke the story on Monday.

Kalanick has said in the past that he was willing to work for Uber if the company was willing and able to pay back the money owed to drivers, contractors, and drivers’ families.

But, the CEO said that he had decided against it in March.

The company’s latest public accounting, published last week, showed that the company did not make payments to drivers and employees on time or at all in the fourth quarter of this year.

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