Uber is offering free shipping to all US customers in an effort to counter “fake news”

The ride-hailing service Uber is giving away a free UberX pickup to all customers in the US, which includes a $25 credit towards their first trip.

The free pickup comes in the wake of the company’s acquisition of rival Lyft, which Uber acquired for $680 million in June.

Since then, Uber has been increasingly testing its delivery methods in order to counter the rise of fake news stories and other online misinformation.

Uber also recently launched a special deal for Lyft customers to get $10 off their first ride with the company.

The deal, which was recently updated to include UberX, was announced on Thursday.

Uber has also added a $5 gift card offer to its app, but the company has not revealed which deals it has added.

The company is also offering free Uber rides to US residents on the day of its launch, and a $50 gift card with every purchase.

Uber users can get up to $1,500 back from the service.

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