UPS ships more than 1.8 million tons of goods to Ohio, Indiana and South Carolina, company says

UPS has shipped more than a million tons more goods to states in the last two weeks, marking a significant milestone in the U.S. cargo industry, a company spokesman said.

UPS said Monday it shipped more shipments to Indiana, South Carolina and Ohio in addition to more than 2 million tons to South Dakota, West Virginia, Georgia and South Dakota in recent weeks.

“It’s great news that we can now deliver more goods with fewer people,” John G. Smith, vice president of public affairs for UPS, said in a statement.

“This is the beginning of an era for UPS shipping to other states, and it’s going to take time to build a new business relationship and to scale up to meet the needs of the new businesses in those states.”

On Friday, UPS said it had shipped 1.7 million tons in the first week of the year to Ohio and West Virginia.

In April, the company announced it had sold about 1.4 million tons since the beginning a year ago.

In September, UPS announced it would open two new terminals in Indiana to ship to South Carolina.

UPS’ new terminals will be in Ohio and South Texas, the two states that voted overwhelmingly for Trump in November.

In March, UPS shipped 1 million tons from its Ohio terminal to South Texas in one of the largest container shipments in U.K. history.

The company has also shipped more containers to South Korea, where it has more than 15,000 stores.

“The arrival of these shipments to South America and the Pacific Islands demonstrates our commitment to expand our shipping footprint to the world’s fastest growing market,” Smith said.

In April 2018, UPS was the first major U.M. company to sell to China, becoming the first U.W. company in more than two decades to do so. “

With the launch of our South America shipping network, we expect this trend to continue.”

In April 2018, UPS was the first major U.M. company to sell to China, becoming the first U.W. company in more than two decades to do so.

In 2019, UPS signed a $20 billion merger with Chinese shipping giant Lufeng Shipping Group.

The deal includes plans to ship more than 12 million tons, the largest shipment of goods ever shipped by UPS.

UPS plans to expand to five new destinations in the United States and Asia this year: Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and Singapore.

The airline is also adding more U.N. flights to Chicago, Nashville and Atlanta in 2018.

UPS has also been expanding into the Chinese market.

UPS announced in May that it had signed a deal to acquire the airline’s Beijing-based cargo service.

In November, the airline announced it has signed a contract with the city of Beijing to deliver nearly 2 million pounds of freight a day.

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