What happened to the pig ship

A lot has changed in the past year for the people who have spent their lives trying to make a living out of building boats.

There’s the ship itself, the ships owners, and the people doing the actual building.

But in the last couple of months, something has gone horribly wrong.

The company responsible for the ship that sank, and for much of its history, has been closed down. 

 It was announced in September that the ship had been purchased by a company called Boat Works.

This is a major change, since it means that the owners have been unable to make payments on the ship, and they’ve had to go into receivership.

Boat Works has operated the ship since 2009, when it sank while under construction in the Bahamas.

The ship’s owner, the B.O.M. Group, had paid out $7.5 million on the loan to build it.

When the ship sank, the owner, a company named Kite Industries, sold the vessel to Boat Works for $1.3 million.

The owner then sold it to a group called Blue Jay Ventures, which had made some loans and put some money into the company.

It turned out that the boat’s owner was not the original owner.

The new owner of the boat, Blue Jay Venture, had a $2.7 million loan, but the loan was paid off and Blue Jay was not able to pay off its $5.9 million loan.

So, the ship was purchased by another company, Boat Works, which in turn purchased it from Kite. 

But it was never going to be used for the project. 

The owner of Kite, James Stapleton, has said that Boat Works is “a rogue entity” and that he was told to sign the paperwork for the vessel before it was sold to BoatWorks. 

After the sale, Staperton was informed that he had to pay a $1,000 security deposit, but he was not informed that this would be his liability if the ship ever sank. 

Boat Works then bought the boat and then put the ship on the auction block.

The auction was set for January 1st, 2017, and it was held at the University of Miami’s Aquarium of the Americas. 

A few days before the auction, Boatworks filed for bankruptcy protection.

The bankruptcy filing stated that Boatworks had debts of $12.7 billion, and that the company owed $7 billion in interest and fees. 

On January 1, the auction house had already sold off the ship and put it up for auction. 

Somehow Boat Works did not realize that they were not the only boat in the ocean, and their ship was in the hands of someone else, a third party. 

“It’s a great day for the entire boatbuilding industry,” said Barry Geddes, president of the International Association of Boat Building and Repair Professionals, according to the Associated Press. 

That boat, the USS Ticonderoga, was the ship the BOPO was supposed to have built. 

In 2013, the US Navy announced that the Bopo had gone into receiverships, and in 2017, the Navy announced it would be selling the vessel for $8.6 million. 

Blue Jay Venture also put the boat on the block, but Boat Works said they had not sold it, and Kite did not tell them that they had sold it. 

However, the Kite Group, which was the owner of Blue Jay, did tell the company that they would pay Boat Works the $5,000 deposit, which Kite was not going to pay. 

When Kite filed bankruptcy papers in September, the company said that the owner was still the original boat’s original owner, but Blue Jay had bought the ship from Boat Works and put the vessel up for sale. 

Kite had a claim against Boat Works that they owed Boat Works a $5 million loan for a boat they had bought, which the company did not know about. 

As a result of the Kites bankruptcy filing, the vessel was auctioned off for $7 million, which is about what Boat Works had originally asked for. 

I contacted Boat Works to ask about the issue. 

According to the company’s website, Boat works’ board of directors includes two directors of the company, the former head of Boat Works in the early days of the program, and a former vice president of Boatworks who was involved in the Bopa’s program in the early years of the vessel. 

All the board members were aware that Boat works had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but did not mention that they knew Boat Works was in trouble. 

This isn’t the first time a boat has gone to auction.

A ship owned by a Chinese shipbuilder went to auction in 2014.

The boat had been in the Navy for 18 years, but its owners were unable to pay the loan. 

What happened to this boat? 

It remains unclear how the


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