When is the shipping for your new mattress coming?

A new report from mattress company Ghost Ship cast doubt on a rumor that FedEx will be shipping mattresses at $19.99 a month.

Mattress firm Ghost Ship posted on Twitter, “FedEx is the ONLY option for delivery of new mattresses this month at $69.99 per month.

Not even $14.99,” the company said in a statement.

“Fedex doesn’t even offer delivery on their own products.

Please don’t panic.”

FedEx has said it has no plans to ship mattresses for $69 a month and said the company is looking into the possibility of doing so, but the company has not said when that could happen.

A FedEx spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

FedEx did not respond to requests for comment from ABC News.

FedEX said that it will not offer the delivery option, even though it’s available to anyone, regardless of where they live.

The company said that people can apply to use a delivery credit through its website.

Ghost Ship is a mattress company that’s been on a roll lately.

The company has a new line of mattresses that it says are more durable than its older products.

It also launched a line of non-skid, foam-filled mattresses.

The mattress company has said that the new line is more eco-friendly than the older products, and it’s looking to expand its product offerings with more products.

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