Why do some people want to buy a fancy-looking cruise ship?

Posted January 04, 2019 08:00:30There’s an ad for a luxury cruise ship called “The Pleasure” that has the slogan, “It’s all about the cruise.”

The ad is from the P&G Group.

But P&P and its affiliates do not have any connections with the ship’s operator, Cruise Lines International.

The ad features a white woman with a large white hand holding a cruise-ship-style boat.

The woman’s hand is accompanied by a picture of the ship and her hand, along with a description of the vessel.

“It’s the cruise, the pleasure, and the travel, the whole package,” the woman says.

The ad was posted on Facebook on Jan. 3, 2019.

The P&Gs ad is not only the first time the company has mentioned P&M or P&O in connection with a cruise ship, it is also the first P&P ad to mention a cruise.

The company says it “wasn’t thinking about the ship when we created the ad.”

But some people who saw the ad on Facebook quickly pointed out that the P &M branding is also on the ship.

The image of the hand holding the ship was taken from an Instagram photo that P&amps advertising agency shared on Jan 2, 2019, which shows the hand of a white girl holding a boat with the caption, “the pleasure.”

When contacted by The Washington Post, P&Ps advertising agency said that it was not aware of any connection between P&C and the cruise ship.

P&AMP said in a statement that the ad is an attempt to highlight the fact that cruise lines have “many great opportunities to expand their customer base.”

The P&&amp&amp post also included a photo of the woman with the boat.

In a phone interview with The Post, the woman said the Pamp &amp& amp branding on the boat is part of her company’s branding, not the Pc.

The hand on the hand is a P& &ampamp & amp hand.

P&amp said in the statement that its goal is to provide a diverse and inclusive audience and that Pamp&amps marketing team has been focused on making the ad and promoting its products more relevant to the broader consumer.

This post has been updated to include P&p’s statement.

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