Why the Merida will be back in the South American calendar this year

The new year brings with it a new era for the Meridas.

The Spanish marina will once again be home to a new vessel, the suez caballero.

The new vessel is expected to be completed in February 2019 and will serve as the flagship of the new flagship fleet of the Meridians, including the Suisse, which is set to return to port on December 1.

The suez Caballero is designed to provide a fresh start for the new Merida fleet, with a new look and a new ship to replace the Merde’s old flagship, the Suez.

The meridians are in the midst of a massive upgrade to the vessel, which was originally built in 1982.

It has undergone many upgrades since then, including a new lifeboat deck and decklid, a new deck, a large space for storing cargo, new electrical systems, and a large solar array.

The hull of the suza caballeros is also undergoing major changes, with the hull being redesigned for the better.

The design of the ship also includes the addition of a large section for the crew quarters, which should reduce the space available on board.

The ship will also undergo significant improvements in terms of lighting, water circulation and noise levels.

The Merida’s hull will be completed later this year, with construction expected to begin in the first half of 2019.

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